Month: September 2008

Big Girl Preschool

I don’t know – do you think she’s excited about going to preschool? Well, to be honest, I think she was just as excited (if not more) about her horse lunch box as she was about starting her… Read More

“Time Out” Attempt #1 – Failed

I consider us pretty lucky that we’d come this far without having to put Camille in time out. We’ve thought about it. There have been a few times it might have been warranted, but usually, persuasion has done… Read More

Open Letter to the Atlantic Basin

What’s up, Atlantic Basin? Why you wanna do that? Why you wanna get all crazy on us? First Fay, then Gustav? Now Hanna, Ike and Josephine, all at once? You’re on my list. Sincerely,Ginger