Big Girl Preschool

I don’t know – do you think she’s excited about going to preschool?


Well, to be honest, I think she was just as excited (if not more) about her horse lunch box as she was about starting her first day of “Big Girl Preschool” as we’ve been calling it (yes, we put shoes on her before walking out the door). In the leadup to her first day today, we’ve been telling her all about preschool and – among other things – how she can take her horse lunch box there. So she was thrilled today when I packed it with food and handed it over.

“Go preschool! Take horse lunch box!” was her mantra as we walked down the sidewalk toward our car. She likes to put the strap of the lunch box on her shoulder, but the strap is a little long and she has to hold her arm up to keep it from dragging the ground – something like this:

So I asked her if she wanted me to help her carry it. “Mille hold lunch box!” she reminded me as she kept marching. Ok – yes ma’am!

She seemed fine when we dropped her off at school, and happy to see her friend Elsie there too. A noon-time phone call reassured us that she was doing well. When we picked her up, the kids were on the playground and she was happily playing. She squealed when she saw us and came running, giving me one of the biggest hugs of my life. I think she had fun (she says so anyway), but first days are always a little overwhelming, and she was glad to see us.

The teachers say she was perfect and did very well throughout the day. I’m hoping the enthusiasm continues, because so far, so good!

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