And I Get to Live Here!

DowntownI remember riding in the car, heading down Victory Drive almost 8 years ago, on my way to a job interview at WSAV. Taking in the palm trees, the old homes, the Spanish moss on the live oaks, Daffin Park and the fountains, knowing the beach was just a few miles away – I remember thinking, “I MUST get this job, because I MUST live here…”

And I still love this city. Every day I see the trolleys full of tourists rumbling across the brick-paved streets, I’m reminded that I’m lucky enough to live in a city people pay to come visit.

And lately, I’m proud to say, plenty of other folks are taking notice, too. According to the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, here are some of the accolades this city has received in the past 12 months:

Savannah: “15 Coolest Cities in North America” –, February 2009
Savannah: “Best Romantic Getaway” – Travel + Leisure Magazine, February 2009
Savannah: “Best Southern City” – Southern Living Magazine, January 2009
Savannah: “Top 10 American Travel Destination” – Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, August 2008
Savannah: “Top 10 Cities in the US and Canada” – Travel + Leisure Magazine, July 2008
Savannah: “Gold Service Award” – Meetings & Conventions Magazine, July 2008
Savannah: “Top 25 City for the Arts” – American Style Magazine, May 2008
Savannah: “50 Great Cities to Visit in America” – London Daily Telegraph, March 2008

Hooray for my beloved Savannah!

2 Comments on “And I Get to Live Here!

  1. Even though Savannah never felt like home to us (it’s hard for Northwesterners to assimilate in Southern culture and we probably didn’t give it a fair enough chance), I definitely agree with all those rankings. I always tell people that Savannah is gorgeous and interesting and always recommend they visit sometime.

  2. Could you make it any harder for us not to move back to Savannah? 🙂 Missing you and the city!
    (Savannah might be in for some competition though – Winder recently got a shout out in the AJC. Something like, don’t miss this small town as you’re passing through to something better – there’s a neat little bookstore and a corner hot dog stand. I know, you’re jealous right?)

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