If I Were the President’s Daughter…

… I would be SO PSYCHED to know that a baby giraffe had been named after ME!

Baby Giraffe
This giraffe was recently born at the Buffalo Zoo, and I saw this tidbit about her on ZooBorns:

“The female calf was born on January 10, 2009 to father, Cain, and mother, Akili. Since she was born so close to Inauguration Day, Zoo officials have named the calf ‘Malia’ in honor of President Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama’s, first-born daughter. As Akili previously gave birth to a male named Jabari on August 9, 2006, this is also Akili’s ‘first daughter.'”

This is a lot cooler than the line of dolls a toy company created (and had to discontinue) called Sasha and Malia. Funny thing is – the company said the dolls were not intended to depict the Obama girls. Really? Wow, that’s some coincidence.

But a baby giraffe with my name – now that would ROCK!

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