I Made the Right Choice

I’ve had a great Valentine’s Day. I’m home after a nice evening out with my hubby, eating Thai food on Tybee Island, reminiscing about our early days and being so glad we found each other so soon in life.

Camille has enjoyed her Valentine’s Day too, happy to be with her family and especially happy to be with her Boo. I had a good laugh hearing about this conversation between Camille and her Boo earlier in the day.

Boo: “Camille, are you your Daddy’s Valentine?”

Camille: “No, I’m Boo’s Valentine.”

Boo: “You can be Boo’s Valentine and your Mommy and Daddy’s Valentine, too!.”

(pause, as Camille thinks this over)

Camille: “I don’t have a choice.”

I’m glad she’s at least resigned herself to being our collective Valentine. I’m also glad I did have a choice, and I’m glad I chose wisely almost 15 years ago!

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