This was a good weekend. It’s always a good weekend when we get to spend time with the Valles fam. Lee and I enjoy hanging out with our buddies, and Camille loves playing with Nia and Nate (or Natey-Nate as Camille calls him).

We made the mistake of telling her they were coming long before they arrived. Saturday morning, Camille repeatedly asked me to hold her up to the window so she could see if they were here. They hadn’t even left their home at that point, and weren’t expected for another 6 hours. I kept telling her they wouldn’t get to our house until after naptime. So at 9 a.m., she said, “Mama, is it naptime yet?”

When they did get here, the kids had lots of fun playing together, opening their Christmas presents (only a tad late, right?), and then taking a field trip to the local Bouncing Angels where they bounced themselves into sweaty exhaustion.

Bouncing Buddies from Ginger on Vimeo.

Last night, I apologized to Nikki for slitting their tires. So I may have been lying, but I considered damaging their vehicle if only to prolong their visit just a little more. We really do miss our buddies.

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  1. This made me so happy! We had such a great time and Nia cannot wait to make some Princess treats. I can’t wait for our next Heidel-fam fix!

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