Not Hereditary

I cannot stand for my feet to be cold, which is unfortunate because they stay cold much of the winter. The other night, even in bed with an electric blanket on, I couldn’t get my feet warm enough. I finally wrapped my chenille bath robe around them and slept that way, with a foot cocoon.

Camille, however, cannot stand to have socks or shoes on her feet. One of her first acts upon entering the house is to sit down and remove all footwear. Even when our hardwoods feel like ice blocks, and even when she has to stand on top of a heater vent periodically to warm up, she does not want her feet covered.

This distressed me the other day when putting her in her crib for a nap. It was a chilly day, so I made sure the covers were tucked high under her chin, but when I covered her feet she complained and kicked the blanket off. I covered her again and she said, “No, Mama! Don’t cover my feet!”


So imagine my distress a few days later when I was packing her lunch and she asked to hold one of the re-usable ice packs I use to keep the food cool. AND STARTED RUBBING THE ICE PACK ON HER FEET.

I was in physical pain watching this, but she was all smiles. I think she was re-enacting the joy of having a “boo-boo bunny,” which is a small version of a reusable ice pack with a plush bunny covering that can be used to treat toddler boo-boos. She got to use one at a friend’s house after a fall, and thought it was awesome.

Or maybe she just likes cold feet. THE HORRORS!

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