Good Company

So far, March has been a month of visitors, and that’s a very good thing. The first weekend we enjoyed Boo’s company. The second weekend, we had the good fortune to host Glen, one of Lee’s old college professors and good friend. It had been a while since Glen had stayed with us in Savannah. His last visit coincided with my first day back to work from maternity leave. I had an itty-bitty baby and lots of stress about being away from her.

That was then:

Camille's First Visit with GlenAnd this is now!

Good CompanyShe’s still my baby, just not so itty-bitty, and we’re at a much more comfortable place with work-life balance. During Glen’s visit when she was a baby, Lee and Glen took Camille to the Jepson Center museum. Lee wore her in the Baby Bjorn. We went to the museum this time too, but Camille walked, ran and skipped all the way, played with the interactive displays, watched a performance and made a craft. Her favorite – the magnet wall which encourages kids to create “sculpture” from everyday objects. Here’s a grainy but cute pic from my phone:

Magnet WallThis weekend, my parents, my brother and his family came to visit. It’s the first time Stella has been to our home, and it was so much fun having her here. There were tea parties:

Princess Tea PartyAnd wagon rides:

Wagon RideAnd the girls got a sample of the St. Patrick’s Day fun this town has to offer at the Tara Feis Irish Festival Saturday. I was sad to see them leave today, but happy my mom gets to stay for a few extra days. She’s headed to the parade with us Tuesday. Erin Go Bragh!

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