Sealing Their Fates

Flowers for the stepsIt has been almost 48 hours, and I’m encouraged by the fact that all the new flowers are still alive. There is that one plant that looks kind of wilted… but alive, so it still counts.

Thanks to this spring weather, I suddenly found myself longing to plant some flowers around the front yard. So Camille and I (and most of Savannah, it seemed), set out to buy some pots and plants last weekend.

After years of saying we’d get to it one day, we now finally have flower-filled urns at the front steps.

Flower potAnd window boxes on the railing of our little front patio.

Window boxesPretty flowersAnd Miss Camille has some tulips of her own for the backyard. Let’s just hope she didn’t inherit my black thumb. Poor plants. They’re so pretty, I almost felt bad choosing them and sentencing them to a shortened life span. But I’ll enjoy them while they last.


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  1. They look so pretty! Love the planter boxes, especially. I, too, have a black thumb and am terrified of doing something like this. If you can keep them alive, there may be hope for me, too.

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