Egg Hunt: Take 1

Camille totally rocked her first Easter egg hunt of the season – well, her first official one anyway. She’s been practicing for a couple of weeks now in our backyard. It all began when Nana was visiting and decided she and Camille needed to dye some eggs.

Dyeing eggs with NanaHaving patienceFound one!Camille enjoyed dyeing and hunting them, but she also wanted to take them everywhere. This led to breakage, and would have eventually led to spoilage too. So I bought her some plastic ones, and we’ve been staging backyard hunts ever since.

Yesterday, we joined up with some of her buddies for a community Easter egg hunt in nearby Hull Park. Here’s a video of all the fun.

Egg Hunt at Hull Park from Ginger on Vimeo.

Next week – egg hunt at church. The next week – egg hunt with Lee’s family. Bring it (especially the pink ones)!

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