Gotta Have a Talk with that Teacher

All the way home from school, Lee and I like to quiz Camille about her day. Mostly it’s because we’re so curious about what she’s up to at school, but also partly because her answers are pretty funny.

According to Camille, today at school she:

Ate a cookie for lunch.
Made a kite.
Slept on a bench.


3 Comments on “Gotta Have a Talk with that Teacher

  1. So funny!!! And, it proves the point that I tried to make as a teacher to a few parents… there is a chance that your child’s version is a little different than what actually happened!
    I cannot wait for Norah to be talking enough to share her own “funnies” with us!

  2. Elliot’s at the stage where she’ll say “Yeah” to anything you ask:
    Me: “Elliot, did you ride a unicorn to the moon today?”
    Elliot: “Yeah!”
    Me: “Did you go swimming with a dinosaur?”
    Elliot: “Yeah!”
    You get the idea…

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