Fun for my Elmo Fan

Elmo Live!We introduced Camille to live theater today, and I’m happy to report it was a success! We joined her buddies Elsie and Sterling to see “Elmo Live!” at the Civic Center. I had mentally prepared for the possibility that we could be there for all of ten minutes before Camille announced she was done. Or, the chance that when Elmo danced onto the stage she’d be terrified to see her furry friend in real life.

Neither happened. Instead, as soon as the lights when down and the curtain came up, she was transfixed, clapping, laughing and mostly just staring in wide-eyed amazement as her Sesame Street friends danced. The only complaint we heard was when Elmo was not on stage for brief periods. Oh, and she was a little disappointed when I told her she couldn’t get on stage to dance with them.

We stayed through the entire show and all had a good time. It was fun watching her absorbing the experience, and seeing it all so freshly through her eyes. She got a little teary when it was time for the characters to say good-bye, but hopefully they’ll come back through town next year. And as long as she’s still an Elmo fan, we’ll be there!

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