They’re Making a Comeback

We’re settling back in tonight after an extended-weekend trip to visit my parents in Tennessee. Of course, they always have some new toy or stuffed animal or book for Camille to play with, and she loves them all. But I’m delighted that she also loves playing with my old toys just as much, if not more.

On this trip, she really got into playing with my old Maple Town house and figures. I have such fond memories of these toys. The house is a simple plastic structure with some tiny furniture and even homemade curtains mom and I put on the windows. The figures are small, flocked woodland creatures. I had a mouse family and a bunny family. The bunny family included a baby, and Camille spent most of her time playing with it, putting it to bed, in the highchair, then the stroller, etc.

My Maple Town HouseI love this toy line because the figures are so cute and so innocent. No buxom ladies or high-heeled shoes or Maple Town corvettes. Just cute little anthropomorphic animal families.

Bunny FamilyLee and I started looking on ebay to see if we could buy some of the old sets for Camille to have at home, and we found some on there. But much to my delight, we also discovered that these toys are still being made, just under the new name of Calico Critters! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this! Camille has a birthday coming up… I wonder if she’d let me play too? See how cute this is?

Calico CrittersSomething else made a comeback this weekend, although it wouldn’t qualify as a toy. Mom dug my junior-year prom dress out of a closet, and Camille enjoyed strutting around in the sequined number. She paired it with some of mom’s “fancy shoes,” and then topped it off with her crown. Of course.

SequinsFancy ShoesNew Life for my Old Prom Dress

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  1. First, we have a toy store here that stocks TONS of those Calico Critters and no Barbies or Bratz. We are hippies, after all. I am so excited to shop there for Miss Camille’s b-day (it’s the same place where I got her tea set).
    Second, this post is desperately in need of a photo of YOU wearing that prom dress to Junior Prom. Shiny!

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