Happy Fourth!

Uncle Trent and Ms. MichelleWe’ve had a great week, beginning last Sunday when we traveled to the Gulf Coast for a few days of family vacay – much more on that later. Then Friday, Uncle Trent and Michelle came to spend the Fourth of July weekend with us which was a real treat. They live much too far away, because we had a really fun time together and I’d like to do that more often. Like, all the time?

Friday night we all went to a Sand Gnats game, and Uncle Trent got a game ball for Miss Camille. Yay!

A game ball - yay!Saturday we did some shopping downtown, then went for dinner at the Crab Shack. Although our Fourth of July was great, Camille spent a good bit of the
day feeling confused and a bit let down. We told her it was America’s
birthday, and she couldn’t figure out why we weren’t going to America’s
birthday party. Finally, we decided she might like for us to put a candle in some cake
at home and have our own little party in honor of America, but even
that was confusing. “Will America be there?” Camille asked, with a look
of concern on her face. “I want to eat cake with her.” I got nowhere
trying to explain that America was a country, not a person, and finally
we dropped the talk of “America’s birthday” completely. I can see how
it can be a bit confusing.

The Tybee traffic coming off the island was insane, so we decided to spend a little extra time on the island before joining the masses on Hwy 80 heading back to Savannah. Tybee has a great little playground, and even a seesaw for Camille and her prince.

Tybee PlaygroundThis morning, Camille got to experience the joy that is a hot Krispy Kreme donut. Since you can’t get hot ones in Cincinnati, this was a “must-do” event for Uncle Trent and Ms. Michelle. Then they left this afternoon, heading north, and we miss them already.

Michelle Snuggles
Uncle Trent hugs

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  1. Awww, so sweet!
    We miss you guys, too. There are no princesses in Cincinnati, which makes life a little less exciting here.
    We loved our weekend with y’all.

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