More Juvenile Hilarity

FYI – this will only be funny to Harry Potter fans. But this Harry Potter fan thought it was hilarious. Web Soup, a show on G4TV, ran a twitter contest, looking for the best “yo mama” jokes related to Harry Potter. Loved these!

  • Yo Momma’s so fat, her Patronus was a cake
  • Yo momma so fat the Sorting Hat put her in all four houses
  • Your momma so fat, she looked in the mirror of Erised and saw a ham
  • Yo mama so fat she tried to eat Cornelius Fudge
  • Yo mama’s so ugly the Dementor’s Kiss was swapped out for a hearty handshake and a promise to give her a call sometime.
  • Yo mama so nasty, Dobby wouldn’t take her sock
  • your mom is so fat if she confronted a boggart it would morph into a treadmill
  • Yo Momma so fat she joined the Death Eaters cause she was hungry
  • Yo Momma’s so ugly that even Voldemort won’t speak her name

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