Getting In2Books

Heads up to my Savannah friends who love books! There is a new e-mentoring program launching in our area which pairs adults with third, fourth or fifth grade students to read and talk about books. It all happens online, so you can participate from the comfort and convenience of home.

The program is called In2Books. You and a pen pal will read 5 books during the school year and send emails back and forth, discussing and reviewing them. I signed up and just finished writing my “Getting to Know You” letter, which will be sent to my pen pal when school starts in September. I’m kind of excited about it actually – I know, I’m a geek.

For my fellow geeks who may be interested in participating, here are the instructions (including a code so that you don’t have to pay for the background check):

1. Go to and click on the in2books ICON to begin the registration process.
2. Be sure to enter Savannah from the dropdown list when asked for your affiliation on the registration page.
3. The next step takes you to the background check page. Make sure you use the following promotion code SAV469 on the background check page.

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