A New Travel Tradition

LilypadsThe trip between Savannah and Fitzgerald is generally not very exciting. There was that time I nearly hit a whole family of pigs on the highway outside Lumber City, but that’s about the extent of the thrills.

But thanks to Boo, today we discovered a way to change things up a bit. We were heading back from Boo’s house to Savannah this morning and would still be on the road at lunch time. Food options are slim (we stopped at one gas station today by the Road With No Name, and they had a buffet – limit 2 quail per person). So Boo packed us a picnic lunch and advised us to stop at the Gordonia Alatamaha State Park in Reidsville.

Picnic at the State ParkWe’re very glad we took her advice (and her yummy lunch). It’s a beautiful day, and we found a picnic table in the shade near the lake. The breeze was perfect, and after we ate we wandered down to the lakes’ edge to check out the lily pads. There were restrooms and a playground – it was a very nice break from the car. We usually stop at one of the two fast food restaurants on the route, but this was a much healthier experience, nutritionally and psychologically too!

You do have to pay for a parking pass, so it’s not a free option. But I like the idea of supporting our state parks, so I don’t mind. Also, you can check out a state park pass at your local library, so I’m going to look into that for our next trip as well. I’m also going to research more state parks along the routes we typically drive, because I sense a new travel tradition in the making. Thanks Boo!

Camille Enjoying the Park

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