Bathroom Remodel: Demolition Day

No pain no gain, right? Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to bake a cake? What other cliches can I come up with to describe the current state of my house?

Today is Day 1 of our bathroom remodel project. I doubt our master bath has seen much renovation since the house was built in 1930. At one time it was probably quite nice, but now the grout looks bad, the tiles are cracked, and the bathroom just doesn’t look clean no matter how much we scrub it.

Our Bathroom - BeforeMaking the Case for a Remodel:

I present Exhibit A – our sink. An old, white pedestal sink that doesn’t provide us any counter space and features nice rust stains we can’t seem to remove.

Pedestal Sink
Rust stainsExhibit B – black and white tiles on the wall and floor that are cracked in several places.

Cracked TileExhibit C – a white tub that has faded to off-white, with old fixtures that have long lost their shine.

Old TubExhibit D – serious cracks in the plaster walls.

Cracked PlasterLee and I have enjoyed picking out new tile, fixtures, a tub and a sink over the past few days and dreaming about our new bathroom. I woke up this morning with excited butterflies. The crews arrived with their axes and sledgehammers and we left for work.

Fast forward to this afternoon. Holy cow there is a lot of dust in my house. Thankfully they taped plastic over all our upstairs doors, but there is still a film of dust everywhere. Unfortunately, Camille’s room shares a wall with the bathroom, and there are some major cracks in her plaster too. Sigh. I know it will be worth it in the end, but this is definitely not the fun part.

Here’s what we have at the close of Day 1. Hoping tomorrow brings and end to the demolition and a beginning to the build-out of our new bathroom!

Demo Day

Demo Day (2)

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  1. WOW! So exciting! We’ve now had paint purchased for our bathroom sitting in our garage for a full year! Wooohoo! Maybe you will motivate us!

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