Supergirl Flies Again

Fly, Supergirl!What a fun thing it is to be three years old and run around in costume collecting candy from neighbors. And what fun it is to be a mom watching her daughter experience it all.

Trick or Treat!Camille decided to give her Supergirl costume an encore this year. The outfit was a little big on her last year, so tonight it was a perfect fit. She looked beautiful in her cape and boots, and they flew with more speed and confidence this year than last. She no longer felt compelled to stay right by our sides, instead running with glee along the sidewalks and in the parks with her trick-or-treat pals Will the Pirate and Sam the Lion.

Off We Go!I’m glad we’ve started this fun tradition together. Here they were last year on our front steps.

Halloween 2008And here they were tonight.

Halloween 2009What fun!

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