Month: January 2010

A Squeal for a Seal

I’m pretty sure I have to have a baby seal for a pet now. Thanks Cute Overload!

Letter to Camille: Forty-Two Months

Hello sweet girl, and happy Forty-Two Month birthday! Today you are as close to four as you are to three. How crazy and how cool! This month, we finally shed the baby accessories in your room, transforming your… Read More

Sunshine and Family Time

I’m back in Savannah tonight, listening to the rain falling on my roof, feeling grateful that the clouds stayed away until today. We spent the last couple of days at Boo’s house, enjoying her company as always, but… Read More

A Trip to the Temple

I’m going to brag for a minute about something other than my sweet girl… I like my church for a lot of reasons, and our engagement with churches of other faiths is pretty high on that list. There… Read More

Welcome Baby Jane!

November 21st, this sweet baby girl made her entrance into the world. I am the lucky Aunt of adorable Baby Jane. We finally got a chance to meet her last weekend when we traveled to Alabama to spend… Read More