Sunshine and Family Time

SlidingI’m back in Savannah tonight, listening to the rain falling on my roof, feeling grateful that the clouds stayed away until today. We spent the last couple of days at Boo’s house, enjoying her company as always, but also treasuring a visit with Erin and Jones who were down from Boston.

Thursday and Friday we put in some serious playground time. After weeks of below-average temps, it felt so good to be outside with the warm sun on our backs. And if it felt good to me, I can only imagine how it felt to the Bostonians!

RunningCamille and Jones had a great time at the playground sliding, climbing and just generally running around the park. Camille particularly enjoyed pulling up bits of green weeds and using them to make “Blueberry Ginkgo Salad.” I’m not sure where she comes up with these things, but I love her imagination. The salad was really yummy, or so we all pretended.

Now we’re back home and enjoying a visit from Nana (who Camille now sometimes calls her “Nanny.”) We’re getting spoiled by all this good family time!

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