Rose Bows

Rose BowsI like that this title rhymes. “Rose Bows.” Camille loves rhyming. For example, did you know that four rhymes with whore? She told me this just last week. She will often make up random words while rhyming, so thankfully, I don’t think she knows what that word means.

Back to the bows. A big thanks to Michelle for sending me a link for a tutorial on making rosebud bows. I tackled the project Saturday night, just in time to create a pretty Valentine’s Day accessory for my girl. I was pleased with the end result!

The first one I made was the red one, and I made it according to the instructions except I didn’t print the pattern since our home printer is on the fritz. I guessed at the shapes and sizes and they seemed fine.

Red RoseAfter success with the first one, I decided to try again, and this time with an alligator clip. They stay in Camille’s hair much better. I also wanted to see how it might look with leaves, so I gave that a try too.

Pink RoseI thought it turned out well – maybe not as dainty as the red one, but still cute and fun. Best of all, Camille likes wearing them. Win-win!

Roses Make a Girl Smile

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  1. Great job, Ginger!! It makes a simple thing like a hair clip so much more special when mom makes it.

  2. Check at your local Wal-mart–they had some really cute felt flower kits on close out for $1.50 & $1.75 each (or at Big Lots for $2). Each kit had enough stuff to make 5 or 6 flowers of various sizes complete with leaves and all. I did 5 different kits and they turned out super cute! I am just not as talented as you to go from scratch–I had to cheat! 🙂

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