Southern Hospitality

Even though I didn’t get to see President Obama today, anyone in the vicinity of Savannah Technical College where he spoke definitely knew something was up. On my way to run errands with Camille, I made a slight detour and drove by the college about an hour and a half before his scheduled arrival. Not surprisingly, the place was crawling with police cars and people were lining up along the sidewalks for a glimpse at the motorcade. For a few moments I considered postponing our errands and joining the onlookers. But alas, it was a cold, rainy day, and we had no raincoats. I was pretty sure if I made Camille stand out in the elements for an hour just to watch a limo drive by my sanity would be called into question.

I couldn’t help but be excited for Mayor Otis Johnson. He grew up in the segregated south, was the first African American to graduate from AASU, and has been vocal about how much Obama’s election meant to him personally. Today he ate lunch at the President’s side at Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House – how cool! Here’s some mostly raw video from that lunch – I cannot imagine how exciting it would have been to be a diner there today!

I wish Obama could have experienced some of our typically great March weather, but I bet that fried chicken and some southern hospitality made up for the rain!

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