Month: April 2010


Lee opened up his toy display cabinet tonight after dinner and let Camille play with some of his old school superhero toys. I enjoyed the following snippets of conversation so much I had to share.———————————————————— Lee: “Penguin is… Read More

Boating: Take 2

Camille’s first words to me this morning were “Happy Earth Day!,” as she burst into our room at precisely 7 a.m. That girl loves a holiday. And what better way to celebrate than by getting into nature via… Read More

Letter to Camille: Forty-Five Months

Hello Sweet Sleeping Bee, and Happy Forty-Five Months! This last month has been so full as we’ve been sampling all the joys of spring in Savannah. Where to start? With Easter! The fun began with an Easter Egg… Read More


For several years now, Lee and I have been wishing for a boat. Driving on the bridges spanning the local waterways, I’d look out at the boats going by with a longing to be out on the water… Read More

Cooking With Camille – Gummy Candy

This is Episode 1 of Cooking With Camille! Today, our petite chef shows us how to make homemade gummy candy.