Rock Eagle

Monday morning, as the Ben Hill County school bus rolled through rural Georgia, Camille wiggled and giggled and changed seats and sat up and laid down and thoroughly enjoyed a long road trip minus a car seat. Oh the joys of a school bus when you are three.

Lee, Camille and I were accompanied by Boo and about 35 middle schoolers heading to Rock Eagle for a week of 4-H summer camp. This is Boo’s last (and 25th) summer camp before retirement. Lee was a counselor here back in the day. I was a camp dropout, so this was to be a new experience for both Camille and me.

I signed up for this very camp as a 5th grader. But several weeks before we left, I was invited to a slumber party at the home of a girl I didn’t know very well. Turns out she’s the horror movie type. My parents never let me watch R-rated movies, and I didn’t complain because I scared VERY easily.

The movie she chose for us that night was Summer Camp Massacre. That next week, I withdrew my name. No way was I going to summer camp to be slaughtered in my cabin. No. Way.

I am happy to report that we are at the close of day two and we are all happy and alive, albeit really really really really hot. Camille has been a trooper, enduring meetings and other adult leader duties, and has been rewarded with time at the pool, rides around campus in a wagon, the cool natural history museum, and the company of older girls who think she is cute. She really likes older girls, so this works out well.

Today she made Native American crafts with her Daddy and Boo. Tomorrow we have signed up for a herpetology class – bring on the snakes! This is a great camp, and I hope one day (if I keep the R-rated movies away) she’ll want to come back as a camper.

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