Full House

Last weekend, our friend Allen was generous enough to come to Savannah to help Lee build Camille’s birthday present – a rockin’ new playhouse! His wife Missy and their four kids came too, and as the men worked we moms and kids put in a full day of play. Camille had quite the sleepover with the three oldest kids in her room and really seemed to enjoy their company.

Now that’s a full bathtub, wouldn’t you say?

Tub 'O KidsBy Saturday evening the boys had finished construction and did a mighty fine job. We’re still in the process of painting the house, but the kids were able to play in it (pictures coming soon!). I was glad Camille got to break in her new gift with a whole gaggle of good buddies.

Then we topped off the night with a fireworks display in Richmond Hill. The weather was absolutely perfect – so cool it felt more like early fall than mid-summer. We had avoided the Tybee fireworks because of the crowds, and were treated to a spacious park with plenty of room for the kids to dance around with antsy anticipation before the show. The fireworks were fun, and even better since they were shared with friends.

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