Wherein a Post About Shots Turns Into a Rant About Parents

If you want to make me feel woozy and nauseous, just bring a syringe into my line of sight. I’m not sure why I’m so afraid of needles, but I really do hate shots. So for weeks, ever since I made the appointment, I have been DREADING Camille’s four-year-old checkup and the accompanying vaccinations.

I hated watching her get immunizations as a baby, but I took some measure of comfort in her oblivion. She didn’t see the shots coming, and I’m sure they hurt, but as soon as they were over all was forgotten.

But I knew this visit would change things. She doesn’t remember shots prior to this appointment, but after getting her finger pricked and two injections in her thighs today, she has a new frame of reference. She cried, but I think she handled it really well, and I will forever be grateful that Lee canceled a meeting to stay and hold her so I could hide behind him until it was over. I didn’t think Camille needed to see the panic in my face as the nurse walked in with syringes.

But here’s where the rant begins. Much as I fear shots, I would NEVER use them as a threat. But I’ve heard two instances just in the last week of this sort of parenting tactic.

Today, we were in the waiting room with a few other families when one girl began to wander close to the door. Her mom snapped, “Don’t go out there or you’ll get a shot!” Sure enough, the kid jumped away from the door. I was irate. Here I was, trying to convince Camille that shots were necessary for good health, and this mom was threatening her kid with shots. And what would she have done if her kid did walk out the door? Order up an injection? And I feel sorry for the nurse who gives the shots who is being painted as a punisher.

Last week, I was talking to my dentist about making Camille’s first dental appointment. He gave me some advice about what to tell her and how to help her be at ease. Then he told me a story about a recent patient who’d brought her son in for his first visit. All was going well until the mom told her son that if he didn’t do all that the dentist asked, the dentist was going to give him a shot.

Why on earth would you sabotage that dentist-patient relationship before it even had a chance?

What the heck?

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  1. So glad Miss Camille is all finished with those shots! I also feel your pain about those extreme parenting threats and feel bad for the nurse who gives the shots. Andrew and I always thank the nurses and let them know we appreciate what they do. (It has to be so hard to have to have all those sweeties crying all the time!) We also do it to show the kids that although it hurts, the nurses aren’t doing it to hurt them, they’re doing it to help keep them healthy.

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