Music and Dad

From what I can recall, my earliest musical education came from my father. Long before piano lessons or show choir performances, Dad encouraged me to really listen to music. To pick out the different instruments, pay attention to variations in tempo, unique harmonies – but more than that, to just enjoy getting lost in the music.

We listened to music together in the car on the way to school, we listened to it at home, and I especially loved it when he created music for me. I remember several times, as he was tucking me into bed, I’d ask him to go downstairs and play a song for me on the piano. I relished being comfortable under my covers, growing sleepy while notes from the piano drifted upstairs. Notes from my Daddy just for me.

As I grew older, we kept our musical connection. I went with him to see Chicago perform at Chastain Park. He came with me to hear a favorite college band play at the 40 Watt. So even now, when I’m at a concert and really enjoying the music, I think about Dad. And I want to share it with him.

So when I found out The Avett Brothers – my new musical obsession – were playing at Chastain Park last Friday, I was desperate to get tickets. And I thought of Dad. We’d enjoyed many shows at Chastain, and Atlanta is almost halfway between our two cities. Happily, the timing worked out and we were able to get tickets and see the show together.

I enjoyed our pre-show dinner. I enjoyed the opening act. I enjoyed The Avett Brothers immensely. But most of all I enjoyed sharing all of these things with Dad, our musical connection still very much intact.

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