Not My Best Shots

I love love love taking pictures, and of course Camille is a favorite subject. Most of the time she’s cooperative, but occasionally the mama paparazzi is just too much.

Had to share a couple of recent shots that made me laugh. We were at a birthday party at Oatland Island a few weeks ago, and Camille and buddy Lola were hanging out by the turkeys. I had been snapping away with my camera, and then said, “Hey girls! How about you turn around and give me a smile?”

Apparently they’d had enough of this shutterbug, because this is what I got.

Grumpy GirlsI’m also notorious for waiting until the worst moment to get a group photo when we’re traveling and visiting friends. I wait until it’s time to leave. I wait until they’re exhausted from staying up too late and getting up too early and totally bummed that the visit has come to an end.

Here’s a perfect example from our recent trip to see Nia and Nate. Say cheese?

Tired KiddosThey may not be my best shots, but they do capture some moments, don’t they?

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