Japan Day

This month, Camille’s pre-k classroom is “traveling around the world,” and this week they took an imaginary trip to Japan. Lee and I were excited for a chance to share our love of that country with her classmates, so we volunteered to help out with “Japan Day” today.

We brought in some souvenirs and photos from our trip, as well as my yukata and Camille’s kimono so we could model for the class.

ModelingBut I think the most adventurous aspect of the day was snack time. It was our day to bring snack for the class and her teacher encouraged us to go with the Japanese theme. So we ordered up some carrot sushi from Publix and paired it with edamame and nori rice crackers. I was impressed by how many kids requested seconds on the sushi. I think the biggest hit though was the edamame, especially after I compared it to American boiled peanuts. What’s not to love about that?

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