Snow! (Sort of)

Last year, Camille (my fellow snow lover) and I were spoiled. We got to play in the snow when we visited Boston and Tennessee – a real treat both times.

This year we missed the snowfalls at both locales and I thought our chance to play in the snow had passed. So I was pleasantly surprised when driving from Macon to Savannah on the day after Christmas, snow began to fall. There wasn’t enough snow to call it a major event by normal standards, but in this part of the state any flake is a major event. When we stopped to eat at a Burger King in Dublin, I spotted this tiny patch of snow on the playground.

Tiny Patch of SnowOk- all my northern friends can stop laughing now. I know it’s pitiful, but when you never see snow around here, even pitiful patches have potential.

So Camille and I decided to make a teeny, tiny baby frosty. So fun!

Baby FrostyHe's So Cute!Camille and Frosty

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