If you don’t already have the book Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies, then you need to read Lee’s review on Dadaesthetic and then go buy the book. It’s a favorite in our house – a fun tale about what happens when we humans go to sleep and bats have a beach party.

Camille was recently given a fairly wide-open school assignment to do any kind of project on a favorite book. She picked Bats at the Beach and we pretty quickly settled on a re-creation of a beloved scene – when the bats roast “bugmallows” over a fire. Imagine marshmallows on a skewer with cricket legs sticking out of the sides. Deelish.

Camille’s version: Caterpillarmallows

First, skewer three marshmallows.

Skewering the BugmallowsUse thin pretzel sticks for the legs, and then two small sections of dried spaghetti for antennae, topped with craisins.

CrantennaUse an edible marker to draw on a smile. Add two chocolate chip eyes, using dabs of white icing for “glue.”

Choco-eyes  And voilà! One adorable caterpillarmallow (and one proud chef).

CaterpillarmallowNow, make 22 of them for all your classmates and teachers. According to Camille, her project was a hit!


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