I Still Do

We’d both graduated from college; Lee was living and teaching in Gainesville, Georgia and I was living/working about 30 minutes away in the neighboring county. We’d been dating about six years by then and saw each other almost every day.

He lived in a basement apartment, and the surrounding yard was often full of beautiful flowers. One afternoon I came over to his home and there was a bowl on the table with a gorgeous white flower floating inside. Lee had cut it from a plant in the yard that morning and said it was for me.

“What’s the special occasion?” I asked.

“Every time you come over it’s a special occasion,” he said.

And I remember thinking that if a lazy afternoon together is special, even after six years of dating, then I should marry this man.

I think every day with him is special too. But 10 years ago today was particularly special – the day we said “I do.”

And we still do.

Ten Years Ago Today

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