Month: July 2011

New Shoes

Another post from the running archives! April 28, 2011 – So, I splurged on the new running shoes earlier this month and I’m really enjoying them. My shin pain has disappeared and so far not resurfaced. I remember… Read More

Post-Potter Depression

I walked into the theater with mixed emotions. Finally – FINALLY – I was going to see the last Harry Potter movie. !!!!!!! But it is the last Harry Potter movie, and that is no cause for joy…. Read More

Letter to Camille: 5 Years Old

Happy birthday to you, my 5-year-old girl! You are sleeping soundly (even in bed a bit early) after a very exciting day, which began with getting your very first pet (Piglet the guinea pig!), donuts for breakfast, cake… Read More

Blueberries Galore

I was greedy. I admit it and am unapologetic. When we showed up at Grandma Lou’s house in Moultrie to pick blueberries, the site of all the ripe fruit hanging from those trees made me salivate. It was… Read More

The Running ‘Ritas

Two more posts from the running journal archive: April 13, 2011– My friend is signing us up today for a half-marathon relay at Disney in October (I will run 4.8 miles, she’ll run 8.3). I think this is… Read More

Wassaw Island

When we first joined the boat club I had grand visions of exploring some of the undeveloped barrier islands around Tybee, spending our afternoons playing in the water or discovering marine life on the uncrowded shore. Last year… Read More

Meeting Mo

I first fell in love with the books of Mo Willems before I even had a child. Nia introduced me to the book, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” and I thought it was both hilarious and… Read More


A week ago, I ran a race. A 5K. Not a long race; not a fast race. But it was a big race for me. It was my first race. It was the Sand Gnats Homerun 5K. The… Read More

Cooking With Camille – Patriotic Cupcakes and Strawberries

Just in time for the Fourth of July, our favorite petite chef brings us two patriotic-themed recipes. She also shows off some mad Latin skills. Love her!