Wassaw Island

When we first joined the boat club I had grand visions of exploring some of the undeveloped barrier islands around Tybee, spending our afternoons playing in the water or discovering marine life on the uncrowded shore.

Last year we tried this once, and it did not go well. We quickly realized there was more to properly anchoring at the beach than we realized and we were (pun intended) “in over our heads.” After that frustrating experience, we vowed we would not try it again unless we had someone with us who had more boating know-how.

Finally, today we had that opportunity and were part of a group of three boats heading to Wassaw Island. And I’m happy to say it was everything I had envisioned.

Discovering Sea StarsCamille immediately began discovering sea stars all along the shore and made it her mission to find them all and put them back in the water.

Sea Star in the SandShe’d bring each one to me to look at before sending it back to sea, and would occasionally squeal, “He really likes me!” I’m not sure how she knew what the sea star was feeling, but she was certain they were fast friends.

He Likes Me!Sending the Sea Star Back to SeaThere was a tidal creek on the back side of the beach which provided another great exploration area, with lots of crabs and fish. Oh, and this sea star, who was probably lunch for the crab living in that hole.

Room ServiceTidal CreekI’m so pleased that we had a good boat-to-beach experience this time, and I’m already looking forward to many return trips!

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