2 Week Countdown

Although the weather gives no hint that the end of summer is nearing, my calendar indicates otherwise. Two weeks are all we have left of summer break. Just two weeks until my big girl goes to the Big K (the school, not the soda).

I wasn’t sure what to expect of this summer, logistically. It was our first summer without regular childcare, and although my hours are flexible, I still needed to work. In early spring I began researching summer camps, trying to find a few she’d like and that were spaced out every other week or so – one week to work, and then a week to play.

Of course, her favorite camps by far were Boo Camp (several days with Alva in
Fitzgerald) and Nana and Granddaddy Camp (several days with the grands in Tennessee).
But who wouldn’t love a week of being catered to and pampered by some of
your favorite family members?

But as for the more traditional camps, I must say, I think we planned and chose well. She did an animal camp at Oatland Island, an art camp with the City of Savannah, a theater camp with Savannah Children’s Theater and Vacation Bible School at church.

I really didn’t know if Camille would like all these camps – she used to get so shy and nervous about being left somewhere new – who could blame her? But I think a real key to our success was that she did each of these camps with a buddy.

(It may look like Camille’s head is being attacked by a strange animal, but don’t worry, it’s a rabbit hat. And that dinosaur is Ellanor, one of Camille’s best pals and her buddy for theater camp.)

Rabbit and DinoThe ActressThis arrangement was great for me too, because the moms and I could take turns with car pool or watch the kids after camp so the other could stay and work a little longer.

So, two weeks left. We have no more camps on the calendar, so that means I’ll be doing a bit of juggling with work, but I intend to enjoy as much of these two weeks as I can before school starts. The pool, the beach, the boat, the movies, and best of all, a visit from Erin and the fam! Still a lot we want to do in just two weeks. Looking forward to it.

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