36 Hours to “Go Time”

But who’s counting?

Oh yeah. I am.

Seriously, this half-marathon better get here quick because I can’t take much more of this waiting business. I’m obsessing about it, mostly in a positive, motivating way (I think). I’m checking the race’s facebook page more often than I probably should. Checking the weather. Checking the facebook page again. Checking related tweets. Changing my facebook profile picture to this:

Oh my goodness...

Or maybe I am out of control.

Part of my enthusiasm is because this race is such a big event for Savannah. When I was on the fence about signing up for the race earlier this summer, I finally decided that if I was still running in November I’d want to be part of the excitement. And boy was I right. More than 23,000 runners from all 50 states and more than 30 countries are descending on Savannah as we speak. City leaders say this race will have a bigger economic impact on the town than St. Patrick’s Day, and if you’ve ever been here for St. Patrick’s Day you know that’s no small potatoes.

So I’m checking the facebook page and the tweets because I’m excited to hear all the other runners talking about how excited they are too. Every time I see someone running down the street I want to ask if they’re racing and compare training stories and race-day breakfast plans. With total strangers.

Oh, and I’m having nightmares. Well, just one nightmare (so far), but it involved realizing that it was race time and I was late, finally getting a ride to the starting line only to realize I didn’t have on running clothes or my phone/headphones. Or a bra. I was a mess.

I’m trying not to talk about the race too much because I am probably on the borderline of making my sweet husband insane. So I’m glad I’m having lunch with fellow racer Beth tomorrow so I can vent some of this pre-race energy. Hoping I save enough for the start line though!

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