The Bridge

Talmadge Bridge at NightThe Talmadge Bridge is a Savannah icon, and when we travel, I love returning via Hwy 17 so we can go over the
bridge. We’re welcomed home with gorgeous views of Riverstreet, giving
way to the steeples of churches in downtown Savannah, giving way to the
lush, green tops of the live oak trees in nearby neighborhoods.

Container ShipI always wish I could stop the car at the top and enjoy the view, but signs are posted everywhere forbidding it.

But last weekend, I finally had a chance to soak it all in, even though I had to work hard for that vista.

Every year Savannah hosts a Bridge Run. It’s a 5K, 10K or 15K race that takes you across the Talmadge Bridge (once, twice or thrice!). For a city with no hills, it’s a real challenge, but the view from the top is a real treat.

I signed up for the 10K and told myself that pace did not matter. I just wanted to make it to the top of the bridge and have a good look around.

The grade was steep and if I’d been serious about it, the race would’ve been difficult. But I walked when I wanted to, ran when I wanted to, and stopped at the top. I took my phone out of my arm band several times to try to get some good pictures. Here’s one on the way up.

Going Up the BridgeI never got a great pic from the top – the city was far enough away to look hazy from my phone camera.

View from the TopBut in person, it was stunning. Oh, and I have this dorky pic from the race photographers. Me and Mr. White Hair behind me – we are just so happy to finally be heading downhill after our second trip up the bridge! And yes, I’m only slightly faster than him. Don’t judge.

Heading Downhill

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