Month: July 2012

Dirty-Faced Angels

I’ve always admired my Dad’s way with words. He has a gift, and recently he used it to pen thoughts about Camille and her cousins. Thoughts from a grandparent about his grandchildren, but thoughts treasured by his daughter… Read More

Here We Go Again!

For the last 6 months, my running schedule has been loose – I’ve stuck to running three times a week, but I’ve been choosing my distance and pace almost at random. Truthfully, I’ve missed the sense of purpose… Read More

Letter to Camille: 6 Years Old!

Happy birthday to my big 6-year-old girl! We are now in the midst of what you call your “birthday season.” It’s a phrase you conjured after deciding your birthday was kind of like Christmas – we’re celebrating one… Read More

First Annual Lake Harding Hullabaloo

Standing on the dock, watching Camille and her buddies kayaking away on the lake to a nearby invented island to play invented games, I thought, “This is what summer should look like.” We were so fortunate to be… Read More

The Social Run

There is a dichotomy in the way I feel about running. I’m drawn to the sport in part because of the vibrant, overwhelmingly positive and welcoming running community. I love to talk with other runners, race with other… Read More

And the 2-year countdown begins

Since that terrible awful day 10 years ago when Anna and Jason moved to Oregon, we’ve happily been able to reunite about every 2 years. We didn’t set an intentional schedule – that’s just about how long it… Read More