First Annual Lake Harding Hullabaloo

Kayaking to Shell IslandStanding on the dock, watching Camille and her buddies kayaking away on the lake to a nearby invented island to play invented games, I thought, “This is what summer should look like.”

Lake HardingWe were so fortunate to be invited by our good friends the Leonards to spend several nights at their family’s cabin on Lake Harding. The cabin is small for 9 people, and I couldn’t be more happy about that. There are no toys, and I’m glad of that as well. Instead, the kids wake up each morning, eat breakfast, and then put on swimsuits and life jackets and go outside. They don’t come back in until bedtime. Perfect.

Jump!Zoe's PlungeThe hours in-between are spent fishing, swimming, kayaking, swimming, canoeing and swimming some more.

Fishing with AnsleyThis was our first experience around kayaks, and Camille and I both loved the little boats. The dock is in a small slough, away from other boat traffic and very tranquil and safe. We paddled all around, and Camille and her buddies loved taking the boats to “Shell Island” where they’d wade through the shallows collecting sticks and shells.

Kayak Full of GirlsPaddling AroundCamille caught her first fish. She was excited to finally catch one, but unfortunately it wasn’t pretty. The poor fish had been hooked through the eye – a disturbing sight for sure. I’m curious whether or not this will affect her desire to fish again in the future. Time will tell.

First Fish!A couple of times each day Allen would take us all for a motorboat ride in the main lake. At some point, most of the kids would fall asleep, exhausted from their adventures and lulled by the sound of the motor.

Boat SnoozeAt night, we crammed all five kids into one room for “sleeping,” but usually they spent an hour or so talking until we threatened to split up the sleeping arrangements. We pretended to scold because we knew they were tired and needed the sleep, but secretly I was so pleased they had so much to discuss. Like good friends do. I want them to be good friends.

The Sleepless SleepoverWe had such a grand time that we’ve decided this needs to be an annual event. Here’s to the Annual Lake Harding Hullabaloo!

Lake Harding Hullabaloo 2012

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