Go Dawgs – Finish this Game Before I Melt!

In Sanford StadiumIs there anywhere in the WORLD hotter than Sanford Stadium on the 1st of September? I think not.

We had the great fortune to go to the Georgia Bulldogs’ home opener this year, and happy to have my parents join us too. It was the first time any of us had attended the pre-game “Dawg Walk,” and it was a real highlight. We had a great spot behind the trumpets of the Redcoat Band as the team, coaches and cheerleaders paraded through the mass of chanting people.

The Redcoat BandAt the Dawg WalkReady for the Game!We also got an up-close view of UGA IX. It’s not right how much I adore that dog. But I do. And of course my best girl does too.

Precious PoochShe loves that dog almost as much as I doThen it was game time, and the clouds parted just in time to BAKE US. Seriously, if you got up to get an icee from the concession stand, by the time you returned your metal bleacher would be so hot it would burn your legs. About mid-way through the first quarter, Camille announced she was too hot and ready to go. But trooper that she is, she hung in all the way into the fourth quarter anyway and cheered like a proper Bulldog fanatic.

Fourth QuarterProud FanAs always, it was fun to be back in Sanford Stadium, but I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the September games in the comfort of my air conditioned home. Next year, I’m thinking a November game sounds just about right. Does that make me any less of a legitimate dawg fan? I think not. It makes me a sane one.

Now if someone wants to give me some Box Seats, that would be a different story…

Georgia Girls

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