Let’s Do This!

If all goes well, this time tomorrow I’ll have a light and happy heart, tired legs, and a finisher’s medal dangling around my neck. I love pre-race energy. I crave pre-race energy. And with a race this big, my energy is magnified by all the others who’ve come to my beautiful city to run my favorite streets. Savannah is buzzing, and I love it.

When I began this season’s training plan, knowing I’d go past 13.1 miles several times prior to the race, I wondered if the race would seem anti-climactic. I needn’t have worried. Last year, I remember standing in the starting corral, wondering if I really could run 13.1 miles. This year, I know that barring any unforeseen issues, I can absolutely run 13.1 miles. So my nervousness is replaced with confidence, and I find myself genuinely excited, but without as many pre-race jitters.

The last time I wrote about running was just before my 17-miler. Man, that was a loooooong run. The run took about 3:45, but I was actually out and about for more than 4 hours once you factor in bathroom breaks and these photo breaks.

Mile 9Mile 10Mile 15Mile 17I can’t say I enjoyed that run – it was an awfully long time to be out on the road, by myself, pounding the pavement. But I’m very proud of myself for sticking with my training plan, even when it was difficult. And now, I’m happy that it’s almost “pay day.”

The other reason I’m so pumped about the race is that I get to experience it with two of my dearest friends. Nicole is running her first half-marathon, and Andrew is running his first full marathon. They’re driving into town as we speak, and I could not be more excited about running this race with them.

Running is such an individual sport, yet runners are part of such a cohesive, supportive community. I know that when I step into corral 17 tomorrow, I’ll have Nicole by my side, and we’ll both be surrounded by other people full of energy, ready to run, ready to cheer for each other, ready to do this together. I can’t wait!

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