Month: June 2013

A Swim With Turtles

It’s Sunday, and we’ve booked a boat tour with Mike.  Mike does fishing tours and scuba tours, but we’ve asked for his turtle tour, and he’s guaranteed us that we can see some of those Olive Ridley turtles… Read More


After two weeks on our own, it was awfully nice to see some familiar, friendly faces. Boo and Ann arrived late on Tuesday, so we spent a night in San Jose before heading back toward the beach. As… Read More

A Day of Protests

We had what we thought was a 4-hour trip ahead of us. We were leaving the Sloth Sanctuary just south of Limon and driving into San Jose for a very important task. Boo and her friend Ann were… Read More

The Sloth Sanctuary

I can’t recall how we discovered the Too Cute Sloth series of Animal Planet videos last year, but once we saw them, Camille was smitten. We watched them over and over, marveling at how adorable and silly and… Read More

Arenal Volcano

Camille is a volcano aficionado, so we knew a volcano visit had to be on our agenda. Arenal is one of Costa Rica’s many active volcanoes; until recently, you could see near-constant lava flows down her sides. The… Read More

A Craft Beer Quest

When we went to Tamarindo for groceries, we stopped to eat lunch at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. There on the table was an advertisement for their sister property, the Volcano Brewing Company Microbrewery and Hotel. It immediately caught… Read More


Thursday, the doorbell on our rental house rang. It was Leah, one of the property managers, with some news – news that made me dance around the living room. “The arribada will begin tonight.” She knew we’d been… Read More

Meeting The Not-So-Locals

Finally on Monday we decided to venture out for gasoline, this time driving in the opposite direction to the seaside town of Nosara, which only recently got its first gas station. We were eager to give them some… Read More

Hold Your Horses

What do you say to a runaway horse in a foreign country? I tried it all. “Whoa.” “Despacio.” “Alto.” I pulled back on the reins. When all those failed, I held on for dear life. A horseback ride… Read More

Letter to Camille: 83 Months

My sweet girl. My Costa Rican pipa. What adventures we have had this month, and are still having!!  First of all, this was the month all your Jedi dreams came true. Disney World’s Hollywood Studios hosts a series… Read More