Letter to Camille: 87 Months

87 Months

Hello sweet girl! Tonight you are sleeping well, completely exhausted after spending the day climbing all over a “hay castle” at a local pumpkin patch with church friends and Jones. 

Kids for Sale!Though the pumpkins are ready, it sure doesn’t feel like fall yet. But you didn’t let the heat deter you from sliding down hay bales over and over until you were completely covered in hay, sweat and dirt. And smiles.

Sweaty Sweaty Pumpkin PickingPumpkin Patch

We did experience a hint of fall weather a few weeks ago when we traveled a little farther north to go camping with our buddies the Valleses. The weather was perfect – fleeces by the campfire in the morning and at night, but short sleeves for romping around during the daytime. 

Lake Delano

You all played catch, built nature shrines and made dolls from sticks and leaves. You filled out Junior Ranger workbooks and were sworn in as mini-protectors of the state park. 

Stick FairiesJunior Ranger Swearing In

The campground was set around a small lake, and Nicole and I rented a canoe and supervised while you, Nia and Nate took turns in your kayak. Flipping the kayak is one of your favorite games, but it was too cool for that and thankfully you all kept the boat upright. I was even more thankful when I found out there were leeches all over the bottom of the boat. Eeek! Happily, we escaped leech-free.

Kayaking Lake DelanoCanoe BuddyWith Nia in the KayakNate's Turn

You also ran a trail race while we were in the campground, earning medals with your buddies.

Trail Race Finishers!

It was one of two races for you this month. The other race was your first mud run – something you’d been asking to do ever since I ran one last year. We cajoled Ellanor into running it with you, and I’m so glad we did. The teamwork I saw between you two girls made my heart happy.

Pre-raceOver the WallUnder the Tape

You ran it together, giving a boost over an obstacle if needed, and always shouting encouragement. And you finished the race side by side, muddy, beaming and ready to do it again.

Finished!Muddy Medals

We also spent a good bit of this month with our noses in books. We finished up the first Harry Potter book and launched in to book 2. I ADORED these books when they were originally published, and have enjoyed re-reading them with you. So the timing was perfect when the Savannah Children’s Museum held a Hogwarts party, including a ride on a real steam engine like in the books! 

All Aboard the Hogwarts Express!On the Train

I think the highlight of the evening for you was a visit with the fortune teller. Hand outstretched, palm up, you listened with rapt attention as she examined all the creases and folds and interpreted what each meant for your life. She said you had a strong career line and then made this prediction: “When you grow up, I believe you will be an amazing fortune teller.”
At the next activity table, you could write a wish – any wish – on a piece of paper to place
in a wishing star. Your wish: “I wish to be a fortune teller.”
Well, it’s not exactly the career path I would choose for you. Maybe it means a career on Wall Street or something. Or maybe it’s just the musings of a 7-year-old make-believe witch who enjoyed the make-believe fortune teller. Let’s go with that.

With the Fortune Teller

Remember last month when you got your ears pierced? And didn’t shed a tear? 
As it turns out, you were saving all those tears for this month, and for the first time we changed your earrings. 
You’d been eagerly awaiting the day you could finally put in new earrings, and selected some sparkly dolphins leaping over a pearl. You’d been informed it might hurt, but were apparently unprepared. After I removed the first earring, the tears started to flow, along with the protestations and pleadings not to put a new one in. The only thing that made you cry harder was my promise that without an earring, the holes would close.
I do believe it was nearly as painful for me, the one having to inflict the pain and listen to you cry. I hated it. After the first earring, you requested your Daddy’s presence, wanting the comfort of his lap for round 2, and I think it helped. I believe those dolphins are going to be in your ears for a while, as your eagerness to change earrings has abated.
Speaking of your Daddy, you sure do love that man. The other day I put a note in your lunchbox that said, “You are my sunshine.” I drew two smiley-faced sunshines. 
When your Daddy unpacked your lunchbox that night, he was delighted to find your revisions. The little scrap of paper went directly onto the refrigerator.

Don't Forget Daddy!

Maybe if that fortune teller gig doesn’t work out, you can have a strong career as a diplomat. 
Thanks for all the light you shine on our lives, little sunshine. I love you so much.

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