Lazy Sunday

Today has been a good, basically lazy Sunday – just as Sunday’s should be. Lee and I went to church this morning, then shopping in Hilton Head. We got a new duvet cover. I’m going to sew some pillows for it. Are we domestic or what? Kind of scary.

Speaking of scary, we’re thinking of getting Millie a friend. We’ve thought about it before, and haven’t done it yet. We tried drugging her last night and it didn’t work. We gave her some Benedryl for her itchy skin hoping the drowsy side effect might mean a full night of sleep for us all. But at 2:30 she was ready to go outside… and just stand there. And not go to the bathroom. While I stood there in pajamas and a bathrobe being feasted upon by mosquitos and sand gnats.
But still, we love her and she really is a good dog a large percent of the time. But I wonder if a friend would help her get out some of her ya-yas and sleep better at night? Or we could have two dogs barking like crazy and running around and wanting to go outside at all hours. This one will take some serious thought.