Down with the Down

Once you go feathers, you’ll never go back.
Lee and I got a new down duvet (see previous entry about new duvet cover) at Ikea – the coolest store ever. It’s fabulous. But I think it might be a problem because this morning, I couldn’t get out of bed.
Did I mention Ikea is the coolest store ever?

Lee and I went there while we were in Virginia, and spent 5 hours in the store over the two day period we were in town. I say they were 5 hours well spent. They even have a restaurant. Two in fact.
The only problem was – they were out of several of the items we’d hoped to purchase. When one lives 8 hours from the store, that can be a problem. I filled out a customer survey form.
This week, I got a very nice letter from Ikea saying they were sorry and were working to correct it. What nice folks. They can have all my money.