Lee and I just returned from visiting my folks in Jefferson City, Tennessee. It was dad’s first Sunday at the First Baptist Church there, and it went really well. I was very proud of him. The town is small, and nestled in the foothills of the mountains. The people are friendly and there is lots to do nearby. I’m looking forward to going back and getting to hike through the mountains and do some of the “nature” stuff around the area.

We ate good food while we were there, at Rocky River Brewery. The brewery was definitely decorated in the “lodge” style, with lots of light fixtures made out of moose antlers, etc. That was a little scary. The scariest was the huge stuffed bear that was situated right behind our table. They of course had him posed in a very menacing fashion, but I still felt sorry for him. And on one wall, there was a huge shark someone had mounted, and the plaque beneath claimed it was caught a few years ago off Hilton Head Island. A little too close for comfort. Despite all the dead animal carcasses watching me, I ordered chicken and it was yummy.
The drive home today through the mountains was beautiful. Like the beach, mountains give me a feeling of being small – but in a good way. I hope I always leave near one or the other.