The Fall of the Roach Empire

Hopefully, this will be my last posting about Roaches for a while. Today, the Pest Control Man cometh.
Thank goodness, Lee was the one who was here when he came. For 2 hours, the Pest Control Man attacked our house. He removed light switches and sprayed back there, sprayed along baseboards, the ceiling — everywhere. And Lee said, the Roaches came out in droves.

From his description, the really disturbing part was our shed out back. Pest Control Man sprayed there too, and Lee said the Roaches just flew out of the walls at them. We went in there a few hours ago, and counted 41 dead or mostly dead Roaches on the floor. No telling how many we can’t see.
While I am still bitter about the Roaches, it’s always a little sad to see something suffer. I can’t stand to see them alive, I’m okay with them dead, but it’s the in-between that is tough. Every now and then, one will wander out into a room, walking in a very zig-zag haphazard pattern, and die.
But I’ll bet if they could do it to me, they would.