Beach Weather

What a nice weekend so far. Erin is visiting, and yesterday Lee, Erin and I went downtown and a had a really good time. Spent some time at Mercury Lounge, where the live jazz band had a lot of brass instruments and sounded good. We ended the night on the plaza at City Market, laughing hysterically (probably a little too hysterically) at people.
Then today, we slept in and went to the beach. On the way out there, it started raining really hard. But we persevered and didn’t turn around. Lots of people must’ve left though, because we got a great parking place that still had 2 and a half hours on the meter. It sprinkled for a few minutes, then turned into a georgeous day. It was great sitting out there and soaking it in.

The kids around us were pretty funny. There was one who kept singing that song, “I see London, I see France, I see Carol’s underpants.” He would sing the song over and over again inserting the names of everyone he knew. Finally, as he walked away, he must’ve run out of names. “I see London, I see France, I see the ocean’s underpants.”
Then there was another kid who got upset because no one would bury him in the sand. It’s just not everday you here someone yell out sadly, “No one will bury me all the way!”
Time to go shower and wash off the sand.