Month: July 2002

Family Bonding

Mom, Dad, Uncle Barry and Aunt Carol visited this weekend – and it was a blast. Saturday, we became total tourists and took one of those trolleys around town, then ate really good food. A lot of really… Read More

PowerPuff Girls Rule!

Lee and I just saw the PowerPuff Girls movie, and it rocked. I liked a lot of the animation and loved the storyline. It made me laugh out loud – even if I’m probably too old to like… Read More

Friday Five (a day late) So I’m a day late – who cares. Here goes anyway. 1. Where are you right now? At my computer in my Savannah home, about to go eat with my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle who are… Read More

My Brush with a Backstreet Boy

I don’t own any Backstreet Boys albums. I don’t even know that much about them. I think one of the guys could walk by me in a crowd, and I wouldn’t recognize them. But I know what it’s… Read More

Independence from Intelligence

I heard the worst thing on the radio today. The D.J. was getting random people on the phone and asking them questions related to Independence Day, political stuff, etc. Only a few knew who Dick Cheney was. Worst… Read More

Down with the Down

Once you go feathers, you’ll never go back. Lee and I got a new down duvet (see previous entry about new duvet cover) at Ikea – the coolest store ever. It’s fabulous. But I think it might be… Read More